Beautiful trip through the north and center of Venezuela. Via Caracas we drove to Pittier National Park. In the Venezuelan Andes we took a jeep and visited the little village Los Nevados. We made several hikes and took a ride on a mule. Several miles further into the mountains we made a hike to view the blooming xxxx in the mist. Afterwards, we headed to the east and crossed the plains of the endless Los Llanos. We saw lots of swamps, birds and fish, but most of all endless beautiful grass- and swamp landscapes.

Via Bolivar we flew to Canaima National Park, where Angel Falls make a drop from a 979 meter (3,212 ft) high cliff. We walked behind a waterfall at the Laguna Canaima, and slept at the base of the Angle Falls, in the Jungle. After a short visit to the Orinoco delta we drove to Mochima, where we swimmed and snorkeled in the Caribbean Sea.

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