Climate: Summer dry and hot. Temperatures could rise to about 40°C (105°F), but by the low humidity it feels not quite as hot. We have twice had a little bit of rain. We stayed from late May to early June. Later in the summer is too hot for walking.
Terrain: In general, the first two kilometers of the route are `wheel chair Accessible`. After that the path turns into a normal one. Signposts are often lacking, so use a good map.
Day to day: Alternately driving and walking. Hikes of 4 to 8 hours. Camping and occasionally a small hotel to wash away the desert dust. Many campgrounds have no showers and sometimes even no running water.
Local people: Just like us in Europe
Tourists: The campsites can sometimes be crowded, but if you walk for half an hour you see nobody. The average American does not go far of his air conditioned car.
Remarks: Each national park has its own bookshop, full of beautiful and cheap books and maps.
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