Climate: Tropical. During daytime most of the times above 30 ° C (86 ° F). Nights where slightly cooler. Due to the high humidity every activity was followed by gallons of sweat.
Terrain: The Malaysian roads are usually good to drive. Footpaths are well maintained, but can be slippery after rain, especially when tree-roots cross your way.
Day to day: We stayed in hotels or hostels. Walks were not very hard, and backpacks were light. Occasionally we had to carry extra luggage for a single night in a longhouse.
Local people: Is friendly and helpful.
Tourists: On the more touristic places you can find mostly Japannese, Europeans and Australians.
Remarks: Usually showers fell after four am or at night. We got drenched only once or twice during our 4 week stay.
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