Climate: In order to classify myself for the world championships `force an open door`: China is big. The climate has many extremes. We visited China in September, and we stayed in the south and southeast of the country. The temperatures ranged from 11°C (52°F) in the morning in Shangri-La, to 33°C (91°F) in Yangshuo. In September is the rainy season is usually over.
Terrain: Chinese love of good paths and hate muddy shoes. Most paths we crossed where paved and had stairs.
Day to day: We stayed in hotels. Easy walks and visits to Buddhist or Taoist temples.
Local people: China for us was a safe country. Tipping in restaurants are often refused. Taxi drivers are reliable. Many Chinese try to have a little conversation with you.
Tourists: In China, we encountered surprisingly many Dutch. But besides the Dutch we mostly encountered Chinese.
Remarks: The food. Much less hot than I expected, and far more varied than the Chinese restaurants in the Netherlands. And further: solar water heaters on every roof, and only electric mopeds and scooters in the streets. We in the West can learn something from that.
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