Climate: The average temperature in July is about 7 to 8°C (44 - 46°F). The weather during our trip was very unstable. Prolonged periods of rain were alternated with sunny days. Fortunately the weather gods were favorable and the periods of rain usually fell during night time.
Terrain: Rugged and empty. The flora consists mainly of moss and heather. There are growing willows and birches, and these are usually about 1 to 2 inches high, so there`s no chance to get lost. What makes the trip really heavy, are the vast fields of debris and boulders. Especially setting your feet on- and between these blocks with a backpack of 25kg (55 pounds) on your neck made the trip now and then a very different experience.
Day to day: At morning wake up nice and fresh and walk in beautiful untouched nature. Occasionally wash your feet during one of the many river crossings. Because the temperature is not high, it is nice to walk. In general, put up out tents at arount 4pm every day.
Local people: Apart from the three villages we crossed at the beginning and end of the trip we didn`t meet people during our 18-day trekking. The Inuit in the villages regularly see tourists (mostly day trippers who arrived by plane from Iceland).
Tourists: As has already mentioned before: in the `habited` areas there is some sort of tourism. Once you enter the paths into the wild (and this is in some villages after only a few hundred meters) the fun begins. In our 18-day tour we met exactly two groups. One German couple who were just as surprised as we, and the second group we met the last day of our trip, on the island of Ammassalik.
Remarks: The Dutch seem to be the only people who are mad enough to hike across the wilderness of Greenland for 18 days. Also strange: there is almost no grass, the only ground cover plants are heath and reindeer moss.
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