Climate: Unstable. But an Icelandic proverb says: `when the weather is bad, wait for half an hour?. This is somewhat exaggerated, but one day you can walk in shorts and the next day it snows (I`ve seen it happen).
Terrain: Is barren and deserted. In the famous tourist points, the paths well walkable. But beware; if you stumble and fall on a lava field you can plunder the first aid kit.
Day to day: Bus rides and day hikes of a few hours. Camping in the wild or in one of the many campsites.
Local people: Is friendly and helpful.
Tourists: Fifteen years ago, Iceland was not as touristic as it is today. Campsites where mainly populated with Icelandic, with an occasional lost foreign tourist.
Remarks: Icelanders are readers. In Reykjavik you can find a (photo) book from every Icelandic attraction.
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