Climate: Can vary considerably. It can be warm (around 25°C, 77°F) but two hundred meters higher and a few days later it snowed. In general, the climate is like in the Netherlands.
Terrain: Alternating very dense bushes and (rugged) tundra, at the beginning of the trekking big ash fields. Especially crossing the bushes can really bring down your walking tempo. At the end of the trek, we came above the tree limit, and this made walking much more easily (apart from the knee deep rivers we had to cross).
Day to day: Usually we walked 8 hours per day but sometimes, when the terrain was rough, considerably longer. We carried our own luggage, plus food for up to four days. We cooked on gas burners, but if there was enough firewood nearby (almost always) we cooked on wood.
Local people: During the trekking we see only saw our Russian guides, which were absolutely indispensable. In Petropavlovsk (Kamchatka`s capital) the people are like in Europe, both in appearance and in behavior. The Vodka is much nicer than the booze they sell in Europe.
Tourists: We encountered only at the Mutnovsky and the Avacha volcanoes. Most tourists that we met where the Russians themselves, A day trip to the Avacha is popular.
Remarks: Mosquitoes. If the weather is not too bad, they are there with millions. A mosquito net is essential. When the weather is bad (rain, wind) then the little pests are gone. Later in the year, the chance of frost is greater, and the animals die by the thousands.
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