Climate: Cool in the mountains (around Maralal), and hot in the northern plains. Especially around Lake Turkana was hot (above 40°C, 104°F !)
Terrain: We didn`t walk much in Kenya, which is logical, because you can`t relax that much between lions and hyena`s
Day to day: Alternately driving and walking. Hikes of 4 to 8 hours. Camping and occasionally a small hotel to wash away the desert dust. Many campgrounds have no showers and sometimes even no running water.
Local people: Watch out for unsolicited photographing people, chances are you get a rock thrown at your head. I once was chased by a man with an unpleasant long machete because he saw my camera hanging on my stomach (which I did not use).
Tourists: Especially in the parks they are everywhere. Mini-vans drive on and off to one attraction after another.
Remarks: We usually camped in the wild. A Kenyan guard stood watch at a campfire and kept awake by chewing quat.
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