Climate: The winters are cold and the summers are warm. The weather conditions we encountered during the trek ranged from warm to very hot, with peaks to unbearable hot. Even at altitude (3000m / 9800 ft) the temperature barely dropped below 30°C (86°F).
Terrain: The Tien Shan mountain range is an old range. This means that large debris slopes are lacking. A lot of steep green slopes we climbed did have good tracks. On one day we left the trails and we were struggling between tall plants against the mountain slopes.
Day to day: Often we camped at altitudes between 2100 and 2800 meters (6900 - 9100 ft). Our baggage was transported by horses. There was a large staff which provided us with all conveniences: a translator, a cook and a mountain guide with a team of assistants. Walking distances were moderate.
Local people: The Kyrgyz mountain people are friendly and open to contacts. The only difficulty is the language barrier. Most people speak some Russian and Kyrgyz. If you`re lucky you`ll find a student who can speak English. During tour trekking in the Tadjik Mountains we were frequently invited for a lunch with the shepherds we met. To reject an invitation would be impolite, so we frequently ate salty white cheese balls (made from horse milk), tea and yogurt.
Tourists: Needless to say that tourism in Kyrgyzstan is still in its infancy. We did not see any tourists during the trek.
Remarks: Unlike the rest of Central Asia, in Kyrgyzstan the streets in cities dominated by cars, and in the countryside by donkeys. Bicycles and motorcycles are rarely used.
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