Climate: Although Peru is at the equator, it is not as hot as you might expect. The capital, Lima is often shrouded by a gray cloud, the temperature stays as low as 18°C (64°F). All this is caused by the cold water from the deep sea off the coast of South America. When you drive along the desert coast further inland the sky will clear and it gets a little warmer. In the Andes in September the wet season just at its end and so we had good walking weather. At night in the mountains it is freezing cold.
Terrain: The paths are good and there`s almost no vegetation. Besides a few days, we did not have to climb large distances.
Day to day: We walked with day packs while the rest of the baggage was transported by mules. There was a cook who prepared de meals.
Local people: In the Cordillera Blanca we barely encountered people. And the people we met were a little surly and remained at a distance.
Tourists: In the Cordillera Blanca we saw several groups of tourists. En route we had no problems with them, but on permanent campsite we had occasionally make some room.
Remarks: The starry sky was one of uncommon beauty. Too bad it was so cold, otherwise I may watch it for hours.
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