Climate: In the valleys of Tajikistan was dry and hot. In the mountains was a temperature was milder, and it remained dry. At the slopes of the Tshimtarga we had a moderate hailstorm for two hours.
Terrain: The Tajik Pamir mountains are sparse of vegetation. In summer, the climate is dry. The paths are good and not too steep. After we passed the Tshimtarga pass, we had to descend gravel slopes, in half an hour we dropped a few hundred feet?
Day to day: We camped in tents and walked with large daypacks. During the first part of the trip the large backpacks were carried by donkeys. Tajik and Uzbek porters carried the luggage the last part of the trekking, because the donkeys could not pass the Tshimtarga pass.
Local people: In summertime, the lower areas of the Pamir Mountains are populated by shepherds. Their huts are made of rags, patched together over a frame of sticks. If you pass a shepherd tent there is a good change you are invited for a (small) meal. A carpet is then rolled out, and you are treated whit tea, bread and yogurt.
Tourists: In the mountains we came along some tourists. But you won`t encounter situations like on the Nepal `Coca Cola route`.
Remarks: The last day of the trekking are remembered by me as berries day. Our guide pointed us to the many different eatable delicious berries that grew on plants and bushes along our trail.
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