Climate: Warm and tropical. Although the temperatures are not extremely high, it feels warm because of the high humidity. In the mountains it was pretty cool in the evenings (to approx 15°C, 59°F).
Terrain: The terrain is not particularly heavy; the problem is more the high temperatures and humidity. In the (rare) forests the temperatures are significantly more pleasant.
Day to day: We were transported with jeeps and visited various villages along the roadside. Occasionally, we made no more than 8 hours of hiking. We stayed in hotels or sought shelter in people`s homes. Camping was never possible.
Local people: They can cook very well and are friendly and polite. The costumes of the women are wonderful. In the capital (Hanoi) pay attention to pickpockets.
Tourists: Most tourists are `doing` Vietnam from south to north in three weeks and therefore have little or no time to visit the north. Both in the hotels and during the day hikes we have hardly seen any tourists.
Remarks: The food! Within a few days you will learn with to eat with chopsticks (most restaurants even don`t have cutlery), and then it is feast.
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