Climate: During out trip is was warm in Alberta and `like normal` in the Rockies. On Vancouver Island, it was cooler and rainy; as a result of the low temperature of the sea (swimming is possible only for the die-hards).
Terrain: Are good to walk.
Day to day: Short trips and day hikes in one of the many parks that Canada has. The roads are quiet during the tourist season and there no large crowds.
Local people: Just like us in Europe
Tourists: The most fun are the Japanese. Canada is not as far away as Europe for them, so they come in large numbers. The take place for each piece of scenery, and make static posed photos.
Remarks: No mosquitoes, flies and other discomforts. You have to look out for bears. They visit campsites when they are hungry. At each site, you can find a Bear-proof container for storing your food.
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