Climate: Ecuador lies on the equator and thus knows no cold or warm season. Most of the times we hiked between 2800 and 4700 meters (9,200 to 15,400 feet). During daytime the temperature was ok for walking, most of the times between 10 and 15°C (50 to 60°F). At night there was a temperature drop, but never below freezing point. When there was an occasionally rain, it was mostly at the end of the day. Sometimes rain, sometimes hail.
Terrain: The paths were generally good to walk. If there was no path, we walked through the Paramo grass. Only at the start of trekking, we had some muddy trails, but after fifteen minutes walking in the Paramo grasses the muddy shoes were clean and polished.
Day to day: During the trekking, our luggage was carried by horses. These horses were accompanied by a number of `horsemen` that prevented the animals going in the wrong direction.. They did this regularly. Whether this was stupidity, stubbornness, or a combination I do not know. Because of this behavior the horsemen walked often twice as many kilometers as we did. Half of the trip we slept in tents, the other half in cozy hotels and guesthouses.
Local people: Compared to the surrounding counties, the Ecuadorians are friendlier and more polite.
Tourists: Outside the cities and during the trekking we did not encounter many tourists. Ecuador is not very large, but most tourist visit only the main attractions.
Remarks: Ecuador is a land of flowers and hummingbirds. Any shrub or plant has its own hummingbird who strongly defends his territory against rivals. The little birds where particularly fierce the Glossy flowerpiercer, a bird that sometimes two times taller than the hummingbird in question.
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