Climate: During our visit (mid-October early November) we should be at the end of the monsoon, but we were in the middle. We missed a typhoon that flooded the city of Chennai (Madras). We just left when a flooding hit in Mysore and ended up in the middle of the north-west monsoon that swept the west coast of India. All this rain dropped the temperature. Normally the temperature should be around 33°C (91°F), but during the rain the average temperature was 26 to 27 °C (79°F).
Terrain: As we mostly visited cities and temples, I can`t tell much here. One thing: you have to take off your shoes and socks when entering a temple, and the floors all not always clean?
Day to day: Hotel tour. In the morning and after breakfast the bus brought us to numerous temples, parks and cities. Few walks, lots of culture.
Local people: During my travels I have not encountered such nice people. I have many times shook hands of people who just liked to chat with you wanted to know what you thought of India.
Tourists: Although we expected many tourists, the most people we met where Indian. The season had not begun, and India just suffered from the tsunami of December 2004. Most people we met at the tourist attractions were the Indians themselves.
Remarks: Actually too many to mention. One thing is the strange head movements that Indians make. They don`t know our `yes` and `no` and as a replacement they use head movements we didn`t recognize in the beginning. I noticed the desperation of the people affected by the tsunami on west coast. Tourism was collapsed. People often asked us how many of us were and how long we were planning to stay.
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