Climate: Tropical. In the jungle the temperature stayed tempered to about 25°C (77°F), but outside the jungle the sun has free play, especially in the Tsingne area was sweltering.
Terrain: The jungle trip was tough (see description below). A lot of mud and slippery paths.The areas outside the forest are easily passable. Almost no mosquitoes or other stinging insects.
Day to day: Very friendly and always asking you to make a picture. No problems with theft.
Local people: During the jungle trek was our baggage carried by porters. We made dinner ourselves on (smoldering) gas burners. The average walk time was no longer than 8 hours. We had to set up the tents before sunset (usually 6 PM)
Tourists: During the 8-day jungle trek, we only met two French. The north of Madagascar was hardly visited by tourists.
Remarks: There is an overwhelming amount of animal life, but especially Chameleons are well camouflaged, and you will oversee the first days.
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