Climate: Tropical in the lowlands and cold above 4000 meters (13.000 ft). We did have had virtually no rainfall. The best views we had in the morning. In the afternoon it was often hazy and cloudy.
Terrain: We walked on paved roads which were good walkable and often also used by the local population. The height differences were not significant.
Day to day: The many porters that we had took care of everything. They carried our baggage, cooked and set up the tents. Per day we walked 5 to 8 hours.
Local people: Is friendly, but watch your stuff. Theft is not uncommon during the trek
Tourists: We did specifically choose a route that was less touristic, and indeed, during the trekking we hardly saw other tourists.
Remarks: If you love beautiful carvings please do not hesitate to take enough money with you. In Thamel (a tourist district in Kathmandu), there are a large number of shops that sell the most beautiful wood carvings. They cost a pretty penny, but very nicely made and definitely worth the money.
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