Climate: The winters are cold and the summers are warm. During our visit to the cities of Samarkand and Bukhara the temperatures where between 30 and 35°C (86°F and 95°F). Occasional strong winds caused some cooling. The same winds also caused haziness in the Tadjik Mountains we visited later, because it blew up desert dust.
Terrain: Uzbek cities are clean and the traffic is much less polluting and noisy than in the rest of Asia.
Day to day: In the two cities we visited, we were guided by local Uzbek guides. They spoke English very well, and provided us with a heap of interesting information about the monuments we saw.
Local people: Uzbeks are very hospitable. In cities you will be regularly invited for tea, or get some of the grapes growing in gardens. Even at the border posts was treated friendly and relaxed, although you often have to wait for over two hours to pass the border.
Tourists: This was for the first time in years that we ran into groups of tourists (mostly from Germany). In the Netherlands you see or hear anything about Uzbekistan, but apparently for enough people in the country well known.
Remarks: Almost all the monuments we visited have been restored. Because there was not always enough money, buildings were sometimes restored not that beautiful.
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