Climate: What everyone knows of Scotland is true: it can rain very, very hard. But when the sun breaks the sky all is forgotten. The temperatures are pleasant in summer.
Terrain: This holiday we do not leave the road, so now only a report of the road conditions. The climb with the bicycle was steep sometimes, but not that extreme that you had to step off and walk. The only challenge we had to avoid the sheep when descending a hill.
Day to day: Biking, camping and bake your own food. On the island of Mull, we made some trips to places of interest.
Local people: Sociable, always ready to help a half drowned cyclist.
Tourists: We did not see much cyclist. Most people `do` Scotland by car or on foot.
Remarks: Midges! Before we went to Scotland we had never heard of such #%$@^# insects. Forget the mosquitoes, midges are a real disaster. Smaller than a pin, they are more numerous than mosquitoes and crawling everywhere in between. Only if there is wind you`re freed from those little pests.
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