The Shwedagon Pagoda and kandawgyi lakeBuddha statueWoman at chauk htat gyi buddhaPalace in YangonOld sink in street YangonLaundry in YangonFarmers working in rice paddyThe golden rock at KyaiktoThe golden rock at KyaiktoMan walking at templeMan with canoe in rice paddymyanmarMan walking at rice paddyLeg-rower on the Inle lakeMan with canoe in rice paddymyanmarWomen working in rice paddyGold statues in the Pindaya cavesBowls filled with pigmentsLittle Buddha statues in temple wallLittle Buddha statues in temple wallSunset above KalawThe wooden Bagaya Kyaung monasteryBuddha statue at the Yedanasini Hpaya pagodaNew budha statues in shopWorkers making new budha statueThe Mandalay palaceRed gate at the Kuthodaw PagodaSunset with pagodas in landscapeSunset with pagodas in landscapeSunset above the Thatbyinnyu TemplePagodas in Ma AuSunset at temple in BaganThe golden dome of the Soon U Ponya Shin PagodaTemple at the Kuthodaw PagodaWoman in the streets of MandalayThe Shwezigon Pagoda in BaganThe Shwezigon Pagoda in BaganWaiting monks for the rice kettles
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