People walking on Patan SquareTemple and houses at Patan SquareStudents walking on Patan SquareNepalese men chatting on Patan SquareShopping street in LalitpurDark clouds above KathmanduBoudanath pagoda in KathmanduBoudanath pagoda in KathmanduSwayambhu pagoda in KathmanduDurbar Square at nightFirst walking day in Annapurna CircuitPorter walking in a villageMan with hatThe village Tan in the AnnapurnaThe Lamjung HimalBirdThe gate to Phu villageSherpa at road to Phu villageThe Phu VillageNepalese kids from the Phu villageKid and woman on mountain pathNepal Phu, Nar 037 nepalInterior of the Tashi Lakhang MonasteryInterior of the Tashi Lakhang MonasteryThe staff of the Nepalese crewStanding between mountains and cloudsBirch in autumn colorsHouse in street in NarThreshing grain on a dusty morningBeginning of the snowstorm on Kangla PhediGirl standing next to tent in snowThe gate to NarSupension bridge to Na
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