Middle and South America



North Chile. Beautiful hike in the Atacama desert. Arrival in Santiago. We went to the city of Calama by plane, were we visited the ore mines. After a short stay in San Pedro de Atacama we went to Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon), Salar de Atacama, Lago Miscanti and the geysers of El Tatio. After a long bus ride we arrived in the little village of Mauque to go for a hike through the Atacama desert for two weeks. We walked along the Salar de Surire, the Tomaqualla volcano and the Parinacota volcano.



Holiday and pictures of Costa Rica. Arrival at San Jose. Visit to Manuel Antonio NP, Monte Verde Rainforest and Richo de Via. Afterwards to Cano Negro NP with it's rich wildlife. Visit to the Arenal volcano and it's hot springs. Beautiful boat trip to Tortuguero NP, watching the turtles lay eggs on the seashore. By bus to Panama and the island of Bocas del Torro. Visit to Panama City.



In september 2008 we went to Ecuador. We travelled with a company with which we already took some other trips SNP Wandelreizen. This vacation would be a total new experience for me, because it was the first time I would take a digital DSLR camera with me (a Sony A700). For my grilfrend this would also be a special journey, because it was the first time she would return to a country she had visited before (in 1992). In a nutshell the vacation could be divided into the following chapters: a visit to the capital of Ecuador (Quito). Some acclimatization days in the highlands. We visited (among others) the Cotopaxi volcano, which we saw only from a distance, due to heavy clouds. The main dish was a ten-day trekking in the western Cordillera, wich runs through Ecuador from north to south. View and enjoy.



Trekking in Peru (Codillera Blanca). After a short stay in Lima we took a bus to the Cordillera Blanca (Andes). We made two trekkings crossing the Andes and visited the following villages: Caraz, Chavin and Pomabamba. During the hike we made beautiful pictures of the Alpa Mayo, Yanapaqcha, and the Huascarán.



Beautiful trip through the north and center of Venezuela. Via Caracas we drove to Pittier National Park. In the Venezuelan Andes we took a jeep and visited the little village Los Nevados. We made several hikes and took a ride on a mule. Several miles further into the mountains we made a hike to view the blooming xxxx in the mist. Afterwards, we headed to the east and crossed the plains of the endless Los Llanos. We saw lots of swamps, birds and fish, but most of all endless beautiful grass- and swamp landscapes. Via Bolivar we flew to Canaima National Park, where Angel Falls make a drop from a 979 meter (3,212 ft) high cliff. We walked behind a waterfall at the Laguna Canaima, and slept at the base of the Angle Falls, in the Jungle. After a short visit to the Orinoco delta we drove to Mochima, where we swimmed and snorkeled in the Caribbean Sea.

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